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At STC, we promote a culture of learning internally and with our customers and peers Our team of experts regularly publish best practice tutorials and use cases to amplify the applicability of model-based systems engineering across industries and encourage adoption.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Simulation

11. 21. 2022

This video goes in depth with a hybrid electric vehicle power simulation in Cameo Systems Modeler using Cameo Simulation Toolkit. 

Port Pins Interfaces and More

07.09. 2022

This video describes various SysML concepts such as Interfaces, Ports, Proxy Ports, Full Ports, Activity Final Nodes, Flow Final Nodes, and more.

Filter SysML Queries with Type Tests


This video shows how to narrow the results of your queries using a Filter with a Type Test!

Test Case Invariants


This video shows how you can use an invariant to evaluate an expression that checks the runtime values of value properties and returns a verdict based on the SysML verdictKind enumeration to return a pass or fail depending upon whether the expression evaluates to true or false.

Link Guards and Variables to Model Elements


This video demonstrates how you can link variables, such as those used in Opaque Actions or Guards to model elements so that when the model changes, the variables and guards update as well!

SysML Physical Interface Modeling with Custom Whitebox ICD


This video describes a method to model SysML Physical Interfaces using derived properties. The derived properties are used to create a custom whitebox ICD by parsing out connector ends using an OCL script.

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