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We work as an extension of your team to provide expert knowledge throughout the systems development process. Our STC subject matter experts build descriptive digital models to facilitate and communicate the specification and design of a system.

MBSE-as-a-Service Fundamentals

Model Development

Create and maintain detailed models of your system, including functional, logical and physical models

Analysis and Simulation

Leverage advanced simulation tools to analyze and test system performance under varying conditions

Model Integration  

​Perform digital model integration, including requirements models, CAD, physics-based engineering models and more to create the full digital thread

Model Verification

Develop verification artifacts based on modeled test cases and establish end-to-end traceability

Industry leading MBSE experts

STC’s MBSE-as-a-Service offering drastically reduces costs, improves quality and boosts efficiency over legacy document-based systems engineering practices. Our services identify and resolve problems at the speed of relevance and offer repeatable processes that enable rapid scaling and new program transferability.

Benefits of MBSE-as-a-Service


MBSE provides a clear and concise way to communicate. It avoids misinterpretation and misunderstandings stemming from different terminologies and lexicons.


MBSE provides a collaborative environment where teams can work interactively on a single model. This leads to integrated and consistent engineering artifacts and a better overall understanding of the system.


MBSE aids in the creation of visual representations of the system that can be easily understood and interpreted by stakeholders. Visualization supports a stakeholder’s ability to understand the system’s behavior and structure.


MBSE increases the fidelity of the system design early in the development process, identifying potential issues earlier than traditional systems engineering. Resolution of errors is most cost effective early in the design process.


MBSE provides a systematic and repeatable approach to system development, which improves the quality of the system. It reduces the risk of errors and omissions and ensures the system meets the desired specifications.


MBSE reduces the development time and cost by improving communication, collaboration and early detection of issues. MBSE reduces rework, reduces errors, and optimizes the system design process.

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