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Extend the power and usefulness of your native tool’s capabilities by streamlining and automating model development and analysis with STC’s custom plug-ins.

Benefits of custom automations

Performing frequent or occasional analysis, implementing a consistent design approach, ensuring system design compliance with industry standards, or applying a consistent and repeatable method for generating programmatic documentation are time-consuming tasks when executed manually. STC can streamline and automate the production of these engineering and programmatic artifacts, achieving a higher fidelity final product, while reducing the manual burden on key organizational resources.

Custom profile development

Custom MBSE profiles are a powerful tool to enhance organizational consistency and enforce alignment with customer and industry standards. STC leverages custom MBSE profiles to comply with and supplement industry standards, such as:

·   System safety standards (MIL-STD-882E) 

·   Reliability characterizations (DI-SESS-81495B - FMEA, FMECA) 

·   Program-specific enterprise or family of systems reference architectures 

·   Modular open systems approach standards 

·   ….and more

In addition to leveraging profiles for supporting industry standards, STC develops custom profiles to support the implementation of organization guidelines and best practices.

Custom plug-In development

STC’s custom plug-ins can improve the consistency and efficiency of your team by automating development and model reporting activities. Leveraging custom plug-ins enables internal stakeholders or third parties to reuse your organization’s unique modeling guidance without exposing the mechanics and intellectual property of the plug-in’s contents. This is an extremely effective way to introduce consistency and conformality when model sharing. Some common uses of custom plug-ins include the following:

  • Model Markings

  • Model element highlighting 

  • Web-based documentation generation 

  • Model rule validation checking

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Area of inquiry

Custom document scripting

We understand that the shift from document-based products to digital engineering and MBSE can be daunting. Custom document scripting can help ease the switch. Using a variety of scripting languages, custom document scripts can be leveraged to quickly develop consistent and customized system specifications in the format you and your customers are accustomed to, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient transition. Frequently requested document generations include the following:

  • System design specification 

  • Interface control documents 

  • Impact analysis reports 

  • Change impact analysis reports 

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