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The transition to digital engineering or model-based systems engineering can be daunting. Our team of consultants has the experience and expertise to understand the benefits of the digital approach, how to implement it, and how to navigate the potential issues that you might face along the way. We provide unparalleled support at every stage of the digital engineering and transformation process.

Digital Engineering Technical Road Map Development

Successful digital engineering implementation requires a holistic approach that includes people, processes and methodologies. STC has led the digital engineering cultural transformation at many organizations across multiple verticals, experience levels and scales. It all starts with a technical road map. This is where we’ll establish and scale digital engineering to your specific organization, taking your desired outcomes and translating them into actionable steps.

Reusable Digital Engineering Artifacts

Leveraging reusable engineering artifacts at the enterprise level achieves a higher adoption rate and consistency across individual programs. Examples of reusable digital engineering artifacts include the following:

  • Systems engineering management plans (SEMPs) and systems engineering plans (SEPs)

  • Model management plans (MMPs)

  • Enterprise model libraries and templates

  • Organizational best practices and lessons learned

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Custom Style Guides and Validation Suites

STC recommends the development and use of modeling style guides and validation suites. An MBSE style guide empowers modelers to use a consistent and correct modeling approach. A consistently developed model enables analytics and reports to be reused across the enterprise as well as simplified integration of the model with external tools. Additionally, validation suites provide automatic checking of adherence to the style guide in the MBSE tool. Validation results include the severity of detected errors as well as details on required resolution. These custom digital engineering products enable an organization to begin realizing the efficiencies of digital engineering.

Each organization is unique and we provide tailored guidance based on your individual organization’s needs and desires. Contact us today to get started on the path to digital engineering success!

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