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Selecting the right tools and plugins for your organization’s MBSE programs isn’t always clear. Let us help you navigate the Dassault Systemes portfolio offerings and make the right selections for your needs. STC is committed to providing the most competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and top-tier support for all Dassault Systemes products we represent across all industries.

Since early 2022, STC has partnered with Dassault Systemes to provide customers the highest level of customer service and responsiveness when seeking Dassault Systemes software sales. STC provides critical, real-time support to our software customers, reducing program downtime due to software licensing and availability issues. Additionally, with expertise in Dassault Systemes programs, our agile team of subject matter experts can respond quickly to full-scale digital ecosystem infrastructure installs and liaise with Dassault Systemes on your behalf, providing the highest level of fidelity and accuracy in establishing digital linkages between digital engineering tools.

In recognition of best-in-class performance in the 3DS ecosystem and for being highly aligned with 3DS business strategy, STC has been awarded Platinum Partner status by Dassault Systemes.


Magic Draw

Design complex object- oriented information systems

Cameo Systems Modeler

Define systems behavior, structure, and requirements

Cameo Enterprise Architect

Define operational missions of large-scale distributed systems


Cameo Simulation Toolkit

Execute and animate models of a system in a realistic context

Cameo Data Hub Plugin

Enables import/export and data synchronization with other tools and repositories

Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin

Import and manage requirements within the model


Teamwork Cloud

Central repository for storing models, allowing users to work collaboratively and concurrently

Cameo Collaborator

Web based access to present model data in a simplified form for stakeholders and reviewers

Magic Portfolio is for existing Dassault Systemes Customers and Department of Defense. For customers in other industries, please contact us for the CATIA Magic Portfolio

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