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Digital engineering leverages digital, data-based tools, technologies and processes to design, simulate, and analyze engineering systems and programs. Specializing in designing and developing digital engineering services and solutions, STC leverages a wide range of disciplines including modeling and simulation, automation, life cycle management, digital twins and data-driven decision making to meet organizations’ specific needs.

Digital Ecosystem  

A digital engineering ecosystem is the network of interconnected digital tools that provides the collaborative environment necessary to facilitate creation, simulation, analysis and management of engineering initiatives. STC provides the critical digital engineering ecosystems that serve as the foundation of any digital engineering initiative. 

Digital Engineering Software

STC is committed to providing the most competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and top-tier support for all Dassault Systemes (DS) products as a certified platinum reseller/partner to DS and a member of its Certified Systems Integrator Alliance. 


Not sure how to get started with digital engineering? STC works closely with our customers to establish an organizational culture that fully leverages the advantages of digital engineering. Unlocking the value of digital engineering is a unique process for each company based on the industries served, the complexity of systems being developed, and the tool stacks used by the company’s design team and partners.

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